A number of reasons why you should call us before deciding on your accountant:

  • Direct contact with Principal: Robert Jones will deal with your affairs and will be your first point of contact throughout the engagement. You receive a personal service and continuity.
  • High quality of work: As Chartered Accountants we maintain high quality standards throughout the range of our services. We also maintain high ethical and professional standards. All key staff keep their knowledge and skills up to date by regularly attending courses and other in house training.
  • Fixed fees for all regular compliance work: Quoted in advance of the work to be completed so that you know where you stand.
  • All regular work is done in-house: All work is undertaken by our own staff at our own premises ensuring your documents and data are not passed to third parties.
  • Deadlines are met: Deadlines are agreed in advance and every effort is made to ensure that once set, they are met. We will work weekends when necessary!
  • We provide genuine help and support: Free email and telephone support. We do not charge you for using us as a sounding board for tax or business ideas. If, in rare cases, your query requires more research or time to answer we will tell you and provide you with an estimate of costs.

Tel: 0151 345 0076

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Over the past 5 years, the service that we have had from Robert Jones has been outstanding